Vivo U20 Review

Vivo Introduced the Vivo U10 at India in September to compete in the budget end of the market with Realme and Xiaomi. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 chip powers the Vivo U10 as the Redmi Note also the Realme 5 along with 8. With telephones being churned out by the rivalry at a pace that is high, it was time for Vivo to push an upgrade, and it has U20. The naming indicates that this can be a version compared to Vivo U10, and we’re currently anticipating this smartphone.


Equipped with a Snapdragon 675 SoC, this phone might get an advantage over its competitors. Will this be sufficient to influence your choice? We place the Vivo U20 to learn.

Vivo U20 Design

The brand new Vivo U20 is not a lot different, since it weighs 193g and can be 8.9mm thick. We believe that a few individuals will find it unwieldy for usage. We found the screen bright when outside, and it’d adequate angles. Vivo has chosen to get a panel that’s a update over the U10’s HD + screen.

The sides are curved which helps when holding it although the rear of this Vivo U20 is horizontal. Vivo has chosen for framework and a plastic panel. The panel includes. We had to wipe the rear of the smartphoneand finally, we chose to utilize the situation to prevent smudges.

We discovered the electricity and the volume switches to be put somewhat too large for comfort, and they had a small shuffle to achieve. The rear-mounted fingerprint scanner can be set slightly too large for our liking. Vivo utilizes a interface on the U20, which should have been dropped in favour of. The 3.5millimeter headset jack and the loudspeaker have been put on each side of this Micro-USB port, together with the principal mic.

The smartphone packs a double camera camera setup in the trunk, set in a module that’s slightly raised.

Vivo U20 applications and specifications

Together with the highlight being the Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 SoC, the Vivo U20 will boast of some hardware. This is exactly the identical chip that powered the Redmi Note 7 Guru (Inspection ) that was established earlier this season in a greater cost. It packs a serious while, and people seeking to play multitask and games ought to have the ability to do this on the Vivo U20 with no difficulties.

While storage is 64GB for the two variants, vivo has matched this SoC of RAM. Surprisingly, Vivo provides UFS 2.1 storage that helps while moving files to and from the smart phones.


Vivo has priced the foundation 4GB RAM version at Rs. 10,990 whereas the 6GB RAM version is priced at Rs. 11,990. You get two color choices to pick from, Racing Blaze Blue and Black. Then Blaze Blue is the one for you, if you would rather endings.

Vivo has packaged a 5,000mAh battery to the U20, also provides an 18W Dual-Engine quick charger in the box.

There’s a good deal of bloatware that is preinstalled. A number of them are super spammy with alarms, also it might be better to just uninstall them.

Vivo U20 Review

Funtouch OS takes you to swipe from the base of the display for the fast toggles that’s the precise reverse of this activity for each other Android smartphone. This confusing and can get annoying for the consumer. Vivo has baked in a few customisations. Users may alter the animations in addition to the UI motif for both face and charging recognition.

The smart Jovi of vivo is built into the smartphone. It makes it possible for you to recognise products that you lets you drink water, and point the camera at. There’s Google’s Digital Wellbeing in addition to parental controls, which enable you to manage the best way to invest your time on your smartphone. Bright features like raise-to-wake, and also the capacity to swiftly launch programs by drawing on alphabets on the lock display, are also offered.

Vivo supplies a mode which sends callers an SMS, and rejects all incoming calls when you’re in movement.

The Ultra Game style that’s full of feature like off-screen Autoplay that allows a match operate despite the screen switched off. You are able to block notifications and respond calls automatically in hands free way to minimise interruptions when you are playing games. If you do not need to be bothered, then calls can be rejected by it right away. You are able to customise these choices for every game.

This mode also includes a”sound localisation training centre”, which is actually the first time we’re seeing anything on a smartphone.

Vivo U20 battery life and functionality

The Vivo U20 was able to catch our attention because of chip that was potent and its price. The Snapdragon 675 surfaced using all the Redmi Note 7 Guru, and when started it had been the most effective chip in a smartphone under Rs. 15,000 and today it’s made its way into some decrease budget tier. Because we had the top-end 6GB RAM version, we didn’t confront any problems while multitasking , and the telephone could easily switch between numerous programs.–5MLKlPco

The U20 was fast to unlock employing the rear-mounted fingerprint scanner in addition to the face unlock attribute. While the screen isn’t quite as punchy as the AMOLED panels on a few other phones, like the Samsung Galaxy M30s (Inspection )it will get glowing enough when outside. The speaker was not loud though and sounded tinny.

Our standard tests gave us a reasonable idea about how the Vivo U20 using its Snapdragon 675 chip spares contrary to the Redmi Note 8 along with also the Realme 5s, that can be powered by the Snapdragon 665.

We may play with the game and didn’t observe any problems. Much like we have experienced with other phones the Vivo U20 did get warm after gambling for about 20 minutes to the touch. We noticed that a battery drop of 5 percent.

Battery life for your Vivo U20 is good, and also this smartphone may continue over a half and a day readily. Together with our use that consisted using GPS for navigation, shooting a camera samples, and playing PUBG Mobile, we were left at the end of 24 hours with 45 percent. Within our HD video loop evaluation, the smartphone handled 59 minutes and 14 hours.

Fixing the 5,000mAh battery doesn’t take long. We were obtained by the charger that was furnished around 67 per cent in one hour and 33 percent in 30 minutes. A complete charge will take about two hours.

Vivo U20 cameras

Vivo has gone with a camera set up to the U20, which is made up of a camera using a camera, a Sony IMX499 detector, plus a camera. For selfies, it’s a camera. The camera program is comparable to what we’ve observed on Vivo tablets. It’s Pano, Portrait, Night, Live Photo, Pro, AR Decals, and manners. It’s a Jovi attribute also, which utilizes the Jovi helper locate listings and to identify exactly what the camera is geared towards of Vivo.

You will find toggles for HDR, before taking a shot and filters that may be implemented. The camera program supplies a toggle for zoom that the cellphone does. There are toggles to switch into macro cameras and the wide-angle that we believe should have been incorporated.

When shooting in bright surroundings, the Vivo U20 is fast to lock focus and set the exposure directly, in addition, it empowers HDR. Pictures seemed great, but didn’t have the details that were very best. This was obvious on zooming into them, and we can watch output that is grainy signal. The detector failed to catch specifics but we can see distortion although the wide-angle-camera does provide a broader field of view.

Since the telephone was able detail and a depth of field between the background and the topic shots fared much better. Portraits had edge detection that is great as well as the background fuzzy but you do not get the choice to set the degree of blur. There is and we believe both of these should have been united. Photographs were great but to.

Camera functionality is not amazing. The Vivo U20 delivered output and missed out on particulars. They were better although Changing to Night style did result. The telephone keeps the camera for more, which means you’ll have to be steady when shooting a snapshot. The quality of these cameras has been nowhere.

Shot inside were below average on zooming in, and grain will be noticed by you. It is ideal to restrict these selfies to casual networking sharing.

Video recording maxes out in 1080p for its shot and 4K for your camera. We discovered stabilisation when shooting at the afternoon, but focusing rate might have been improved to be sufficient.

Vivo awakened the contest when it established the U10. The business and 10,000 market is currently repeating that. This smartphone packs for an aggressive price in hardware and a battery. Nevertheless, the U20 is not a ideal all-rounder.

The Vivo U20 ought to be high in your shortlist if you’re trying to find a device for gambling.

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